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  1. saddlitup

    It seems to me complaining about Ryanair is one of the more cliched and pointless things to do. It’s also cutting off your nose to spite your face. If you can afford not to fly by Ryanair you’d be better off not using it. If you can’t it’s better to keep quiet in my view because being able to fly by Ryanair is something a lot of people like me benefit from greatly and appreciate because they can’t afford the prices charged by mainstream airlines.

    I had an experience just like this once and was furious but quickly put it down to experience. It’s easy to criticize Ryanair and hard to remember that before Easyjet and Ryanair came along it would cost £300 each way to fly to the tiny selection of European destinations then available – Vienna for instance, now reachable via Bratislava sometimes for less than a tenth of that cost. Since they came along I’ve been to many other European cities – sometimes at £10 a flight – and I for one am prepared to put up with a little inconvenience and discomfort for the pleasure of visiting these places which otherwise I wouldn’t have the means to do. I have a feeling it’s generally the better off middle classes who haw haw about Ryanair to their friends oblivious to the fact that those with less cash appreciate what they’ve set out to do – democratising commercial air travel. More power to them is my view. Since my problem I always leave extra time to travel. It goes without saying the M25 will be difficult so arrive two hours before flight time and leave home two hours before that is my rule and then I can enjoy the flight and the shit sandwiches to the full. Hands off Ryanair I say.

    It’s also worth pointing out that the Ryanair pricing model has changed so much else. Rail travel for instance where it’s now sometimes possible to get a rail ticket in advance for an affordable price. So please don’t complain because you risk spoiling something that a lot of people need and enjoy and would like to use in the future. ps no I don’t work for or have anything to do with Ryanair I just don’t want the company damaged because I enjoy what it does.

    1. Me

      That comment is absurd. “Please dont complain about abismal and rude customer server, just send O’leary a blank check, because I’m happy thankyou”

    2. JamesLockley Post author

      Just to clarify a few points, and not to disagree with all the points you made. 1. I booked for time and location, not price, the tickets were over £300. 2. I was on time. Later than planned but well within the advertised time frame, and it was the communication between staff that failed us. 3. I don’t care if the flight was 50p, I should have got what I paid for. Price does not morally, or in laŵ, give licence to fail to supply goods, nor does it allow people to be rude.


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